The Campus Community Garden Project (CCGP) is well under way, with the first harvests ready for picking. New members are always welcome. Contact Rita at for more information, or join their Facebook Group.

This group is working to build a local network around food security, and develop a food charter for our region. They meet regularly and are looking for new members to help with this project. Contact Lynne Phillips at for more information.

The Windsor Essex Community Health Centre (WECHC), formerly Sandwich Community Health Centre, has a half acre communal and private plots garden fully running at the corner of Prince and King (3735 King St.). This year, the Community Garden for West Windsor received a $10,000 grant from the Walmart Evergreen Green Grant to help with the operating costs of the garden. Members of the community are invited to come and adopt a row for the Grow and Row for Hungry project. Please contact Judy, Garden Coordinator, at 519-566-5832 or Bonnie, Health Promoter, at for more information.

This project will potentially have multiple layers representing various aspects of food production, distribution, and consumption in the Windsor area. This will also have an interactive component, linking up people with various kinds of resources in order to grow more gardens. Please contact Jamey at
WAIT! This project is on hold for now.


Jennie Lozon is taking the lead on this project. She'll first be assessing the questions and concerns of local people interested in starting gardens, and help address these questions by designing and hosting various workshops and compiling a resources package, adjusting as new concerns come to light. She is soliciting help, especially for the initial phase; please contact her at for more information or to offer assistance.

Lucette has been gardening and using herbs for several decades. She is forwarding an open invitation to anyone who would like to visit her gardens. She also gives away seedlings from her herb plants in the spring. Please contact her at for more information or to set up a garden visit.

Richard Thibert from Thibert Farm is now making home deliveries of his baked goods, stone-milled flours, and hormone-free meats. Find a link to the order form below.
For more information contact Richard Thibert at 519-682-0204,,

Every Saturday, 8am to 1pm, until October 30
Old Greyhound Station, 44 University
Visit for more.


Friday, August 22, 2008

FedUp Festival Weekend, Aug 16&17

This Summer has been a busy one for FedUp Windsor gardening collective. One highlight was last weekend, when we held three very successful events: our first annual Garden Bike Tour & Summer Harvest Party on Saturday, August 16th, and a film screening of Food Matters (with an open discussion about food security) on Sunday, August 17th. In case you’re wondering, ‘first annual’ does mean that we’ll make it a yearly tradition, so if you missed it this time, don’t worry, there’s more to come! View our photos of the events.

There were 31 of us on the Bike Tour, including one person who met us at each site by car. I hope to organize a shuttle in future years, so that folks who can’t bike can still experience the tour in the company of others. We began our journey at Ottawa and Kildare, where the Citizens Environment Alliance held an open house and provided much needed sustenance to the riders (also thanks to Taloolah’s for donating treats to eat). From there we continued, visiting 4 beautiful gardens along the way, chatting with each other while we rode and getting inspired by our garden hosts. Arriving at Wyandotte and Askin for our Summer Harvest Party, we were ready to rest, eat, drink and be merry.

The Summer Harvest Party was awesome, as in awe-inspiring! The large back garden of our friends, Ron and Ayesha (and their kids, Maya and Serena), provided the perfect place for kids and musicians to play, for stomachs to be satisfied and minds to be enlivened, for food and ideas to be shared, and for all our senses to be caressed into wonder with the world. Thanks to all those who had a hand in making that happen.

On Sunday, we awoke to a new day and another fun event. Food Matters was screened at the Gourmet Emporium at Wyandotte and Chilver. The film was definitely interesting, and provided some good insight into what “you are what you eat” really means, and the open discussion that occurred after filled in some of the gaps. Several issues arose, including: the necessity for examining what ‘organic’ really means and the different standards in different places; how the proximity of food production to its consumption affects its quality and nutritional value, as well as the communities that make/eat it; and issues of ‘scientific’ versus ‘anecdotal’ evidence. The discussion moderators (and event planners) Joanna from FedUp and Pina from Windsor Eats did a great job of making sure it was left on a positive and constructive note.

This review is only from one perspective. Please add comments to our blog so we can know what others think about FedUp and related issues, or about the experience you had at one of these, or other FedUp, events.